Transparent Business Cards in focus

A constant companion of any self-respecting businessman is a business card. It gives an excellent opportunity to unobtrusively, without a long story, takes a lot of time to acquaint the person with what you are doing and what your occupation is. The main goal of the making of transparent business cards: produce customer impression of solidity of the company; to confirm the seriousness of your intentions; cause trust in you a potential partner or customer.

Transparent business cards are face of the company. At the same time we should not forget that the business card — it’s not just carriers of any information is the «face» of the company, part of her image. Tasteful stylish business card often helps the wearer to express themselves, make a decent advertising business, and thus help in its effective promotion and success in your business. If you are not a supporter of the classics and do not adhere to strict business standards set decades ago, are not afraid to stand out from the masses and attract attention, characterized by originality and creative thinking, you probably need an unusual cards, for example, transparent business cards. Avoid boredom and banality, show the bright side of his personality and the personality of your company. Exclusive transparent business cards, printed on plastic, be sure to produce the desired effect. Plastic — this is a very practical material, which has long been accustomed to printing. It has always been a prestigious order business cards on thick expensive paper, but now becoming more popular durable material — plastic. For the manufacture of plastic transparent business cards there is a wide range of colors, different textures and thickness of almost any product.

Plastic card — this is your style and impeccable image. The uniqueness and perfection of data cards uniquely crash into memory, and certainly these cards will occupy pride of place in business card holders and wallets of your business partners. This little masterpiece will be constantly reminded of you and your services. Plastic transparent business cards are unique tool that helps to create the perfect image. It looks elegant and unusual, and its owner will receive an additional opportunity to effectively stand out from the crowd. Order the production of transparent plastic cards — now simply. Experts will develop a design that would be most suitable for your specific specialization.

Plastic — enough common material, and from it you can also make the following products: plastic cards, booklets, leaflets, discount cards, flyers, trinkets, calendars, line with the logo. Transparent business cards on the plastic differ special durability. You can not even think about the fact that they may lose their presentable. These cards will look perfect for years to come and delight you and your customers.

Business cards are an essential attribute of modern business communication. The first performance usually begins with an exchange of business cards. They are especially useful when dealing with foreigners, people who do not speak your native language. Business card should  clearly mention your full name (first name), the name of your company or organization and your title, full postal address and other information. Also, it is appropriate to use the logo of your company or organization. Business card can contain references to your rank or title, the scope of responsibility within your organization, telephone number (telephone), fax, telex, e-mail. If you have changed your phone, you can accurately enter the new number, crossed out the old. Crossing out and entering the new name of the position is considered as bad taste, the person should take care of that as soon as possible to order new business cards. Business card with no address also does not meet the standards of etiquette (with the exception of diplomats and senior government officials). If you changed address and you still do not know a new phone number, it’s best to specify your organization’s official address, phone or secretariat office.

Business cards of employees of stores, service industries in some cases may deflect from the strict rules of etiquette — in fact it is not only informative, but also promotional items. On these cards on the back can be placed a small diagram of neighborhoods, photo of its owner, a colorful character, the motto of the company.

A variety of business and personal cards is a combination, which contains  the service location (in the lower left corner) and home address (in the lower right corner). Such cards are appropriate for scientific and creative workers, who often work at home. Women, generally, do not indicate home address.

The rules of European business etiquette dictate  the following rules. The text should be written desirable in dark letters on a light background. As background, typically, it is used white, pink or blue. The text in this case, make a dark brown, blue or black. Style cards must be strict, simple and readable font, but not calligraphy. It is important to pay attention to the paper, it must be of excellent quality, lightly tinted or have a satin surface. Second hand cards must always be clear that a person can leave some notes and records. If you cooperate, not only with American business partners, but also with foreign, you also need to have a set of business cards in foreign language. Making two-sided business cards, where one side in English and another in foreign language is a sign of bad taste.

Of course, you should not take these rules as taboos, but in any case it is important to remember the business card should not dazzle with all the colors of the rainbow, only one or two colors. The same advice can be given regarding the using of the fonts. Transparent business card should not contain too much information. Therefore it is better when the card is sustained in the classical tradition: at the top of the center — the name of the organization, below, also in the middle — the name and surname of the person, even lower — position, and in the lower right corner — address, phone, fax, e-mail , website address. It is also good to add a logo beside the title.

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